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I had my dad buy a bear for my grandfather while he was ill. I do that for all of my grandparents when they are ill. My grandfather passed away while I was on a school trip in the bahamas. I didn’t find out until I was settled back at home. The next week, my grandfathers teddy bear was sent to me along with a few other special things. Every night I sleep with it in my arms because I know if I were ill, he would have held me in his arms. This is my last connection with him. I’m blessed to have had him as a grandfather and I love my grandmothers as well. They are a blessing in my life and I’m very grateful for them and all they do. Weather near or far, I know that they are with me in my mind, heart, and soul. I have no desire that they could go to hell or heaven. They don’t need to. They live their lives to their fullest and my grandfathers body rests in peace but his soul lives on. I love you all. Thank you for this beautiful life you all have granted me.

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